domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

No.1 Poultry, London. James Stirling

No. 1 Poultry

James Stirling (Stirling Wilford Associates) 1998

"Although the building and site were beset with controversy, No.1 Poultry is now viewed as London's post modern flagship. Stirling's design was finalized in 1988 but when he died unexpectedly in 1992, no construction had begun. Michael Wilford, Stirling's partner, completed this monumental work, adhering to the original design. Not only is it a strange shape--sometimes called an arc or ship, but its design is playful, post-modern, and eclectic with cladding in pink and beige stone in stripes, with huge cornices and industrial windows, and with a kind of tower/prow with ship-like railings above the clock. Like other post-modern buildings, it also alludes to others structures, most clearly to the Victorian Mappin and Webb building, formerly located on this site. Punched-out triangles, circles and squares highlight the geometries of the building."

 The building provides not only office space, but houses restaurants and shops. The Underground station is also located below the building.





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